What is Social Media Optimization and How to Improve Your Content on Social Media 

SEO techniques can be used to improve the reach of the content that is created for the Internet. This is a crucial part of any Digital Marketing strategy. Understanding the criteria of the search engines, we are able to ensure that the content created by our company will be among the first SERP results.

To maximize a brand’s relationship with its digital audience, it is not enough to dominate the search results. Social networks are essential for consolidating a company’s presence online, thanks to their constant growth. A strategy that targets them is therefore valuable.

Social Media Optimization is the answer. It is a concept which, when applied correctly, will optimize and maximize the effect caused by social networks.

Do you find the topic interesting? Continue reading to find the answers to these questions:

  • What is Social Media Optimization?
  • Why invest in Social Media Optimization (SMO)?
  • What is the difference between SMO, SEO and SMM?
  • What are the most common social media optimization techniques?

What is Social Media Optimization?

SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. Social networks can be used to boost and consolidate the online presence of your brand by using specific techniques.

In order to understand SMO you need to consider the explosive growth of social networks in recent years. Companies are investing in platforms like Instagram where 80% or more of profiles have at least one brand profile.

This is a result of content marketing strategies being implemented worldwide. The production of content reached stratospheric heights. It is difficult to create original and relevant content for the persona.

Google’s algorithm has been updated to take into account the engagement on your page when ranking pages.

In addition to traditional SEO techniques it is necessary to produce content that receives more and more likes, shares and other social media interactions than the competition. Social Media Optimization (SMO) was created to help with this.

Why invest in Social Media Optimization (SMO)?

It was once easy to distinguish between marketing that focused on optimizing search engine results (SEM) from social media (SMO). Today, this line is almost non-existent. These two strategies aren’t just allies, but also complementary.

This is why SMO is so important to SEO. This study shows that companies who do not achieve SEO success are more likely to not integrate both strategies.

Imagine that your business has a very high level of engagement with Twitter. This fact may not be enough to guarantee good rankings on Google but adding it to an effective SEO strategy can improve the results. A balance between SEO, SMO and Digital Marketing is crucial to your digital marketing success.

We will now discuss the benefits of investing in Social Media Optimization for your business. Continue reading!

Social media marketing costs are decreasing

Social media must be a part of any budget for marketing and advertising. Facebook and Instagram offer ad platforms that are paid but allow for effective campaigns.

This efficiency can only be achieved by studying consumer behavior, demographics, and interests. This is because the ads are designed to work with a tool that allows them to target a very specific audience.

It is not worth attracting an audience to your site if the quality of the page does not meet expectations. Why?

Platforms that offer advertising charge according to the goals achieved. Ad platforms charge according to the goals reached. We all know that a high conversion rate is essential.

using SMO techniques will increase the likelihood that someone is interested in the content provided by the page, regardless of whether it’s organic or generated by advertising. The return on investment is increased, which reduces the cost of social media marketing.

Integration of social media with other channels optimized

You know that if you are familiar with Content Marketing, it’s important to have a variety of channels through which your content is published. If you have experience with Content Marketing strategies, you know that it is important to diversify the channels in which your content is published.

The page design and the content posted on the page are all part of this. Both the visual identity and the message of the brand are essential elements for quality branding. It is important to have a consistent brand across all channels.

This integration is made much easier by focusing on your social media. This is because Social Media Optimization establishes best practices to manage your pages and ensure a quality result.

You can use your profile to direct your posts from your website or blog, for instance, if you know that your posts are aligned. You can increase the effectiveness of your investments by generating highly qualified traffic.

Reduced risk of shock content

Remember when we said that the global content industry is growing exponentially and that it poses a challenge to professionals? We also have to consider the limitations of the human mind, which make it impossible for us to consume the entire content created by the Internet.

Mark Schaefer addressed this phenomenon in his book The Content Code published in 2014. The author introduces a concept called content shock that describes what you just read.

Offers more than is demanded, so you must find clever solutions to make sure that your content is consumed. SMO is the best way to accomplish this goal.

You can put your brand at the top of mind by creating optimized, relevant content. When presented with your content and that of your competitor, consumers will click on yours.

Maximum audience engagement and interaction

Currently, we are dealing with an audience that is called Consumer 2.0. Philip Kotler says that this is a sign of the importance of the relationship between a brand and its customer. The current public views companies as equals, and therefore demands that they humanize.

Many brands have already invested in strategies that show them as being accessible to customers. Many email marketing campaigns include the sender’s first name in order to build a stronger relationship with their leads.

There is no better way to build this relationship than through social media. Instagram posts from brands, for instance, encourage the audience to leave a comment or like. This allows for more interaction, as well as showing the algorithm the interest in the page.

We can say that Social Media Optimization increases interaction opportunities as it aims to increase likes and comments per post. A business that has a loyal audience is one who speaks to them. The strategy leads to the creation of brand advocates.

What is the difference between SMO, SEO and SMM?

You already know what SMO is and how important it is to align this strategy with SEO. We also briefly discussed the fine line that separates SMO from such concepts. These are a lot of different acronyms. Digital Marketing is a very common situation that requires a lot attention.

Before we explain the most effective Social Media Optimization methods, we’ll take a moment to define the acronyms that are used in internet-oriented marketing. Continue reading to learn about the differences.


SEM, on the other hand, has a wider scope than SEO. Search Engine Marketing is the term used to describe all techniques, whether paid or organic, that are used to optimize search results.

SEM and SEO are not the same. SEM, on the other hand, can be used to promote Google Ads and sponsored links. SEO is focused on factors like readability of content and keywords.


SMM is SMO, just as SEM for SEO. Too complex? Let’s explain! Remember that Search Engine Marketing is broader than techniques used for Search Engine Optimization? SMM (Social Media Marketing) is more comprehensive than SMO.

This acronym is used to represent all marketing activities aimed at social media, organic or paid. It is important to find ways to place the brand in an advantageous position to generate engagement, relationships and business opportunities.

What are the most common social media optimization techniques?

It is useless to know the theory behind SMO if you don’t know how to apply it. It’s reasonable to assume that your competitors will use a similar approach, so it is important that you execute it well.

You will find below the strategies and techniques that are most effective in optimizing your social media.

The optimal frequency of posting

A successful strategy is dependent on knowing how often to post to your social media accounts. A high volume of posts will tire you out, whereas a low number can make your profile disappear.

There is no secret formula to finding the right balance between posting too much or too little. There is only one way to solve this problem.You can use the following marketing strategy to carry out these tests: First, for each social network you test, schedule posts at a frequency that is predetermined, such as every two hours.

Keep up this frequency for one week. During that time, you should monitor metrics such as clicks , likes , and level of engagement. Reduce your frequency the next week and continue to monitor the numbers.

You can do this every week until you’ve collected enough data. Then, compare your results and determine which frequency of posting has given you the best results. You’ll better understand persona behavior and determine the frequency levels which produce the best results.

Post at the right time

You must also find out the best times and days to post to each social media platform. You can use a similar strategy to determine the ideal frequency of posts.

Create a list of your older posts. Include the dates and times of the posts, along with the key metrics. You should be able identify trends based on the time that each post was made.

You can use this information to determine the best time for you to post.

Reuse content in a strategic way

Social media optimization also involves being intelligent with your content. Content shock has shown us how difficult it is to create great content for your channels.

We know it’s not possible to post excellent content every day while maintaining the desired frequency.You need to reuse content in a smart way. This article, for which you spent a lot time and effort researching, can be used as the basis for other pieces, such as webinars, ebooks, or infographics. This will help you to better distribute your content.

Integrate social media into other marketing channels

Integration of social media channels with other channels is essential for success. When we say other channels, it’s not just your website or blog.

By adding a link to your social media accounts, you can increase your email’s open rate and conversion. will also make it clear that your contacts can interact with you in other places online.

The thank-you page is another place to introduce a social media link. Remember that your landing page text cannot contain any links. You only want to collect the contact information of your lead. The idea works in the thank-you pages.

Create shareable content

To increase your post’s reach, it is important to get the content shared. The creation of viral content has become a common strategy for companies to use in their digital marketing.

Nevertheless, you should be careful not to give the impression that your goal is to go viral. The public will react negatively if they even suspect that you are trying to go viral. should always be focused on the needs and wants of your audience.

It is not necessary to encourage sharing too much. Visual elements like images, GIFs and videos are great for grabbing the attention of your audience and increasing engagement. As long as it is within context, don’t hesitate to use the feature.

CTAs are a simple way to boost your virality. A CTA is , a short text that encourages action from the public. You can add a share button directly to your website and encourage visitors to use it. It’s not likely that everyone will do this, but a subtle request isn’t harmful.

No matter which social network you use most in your Digital Marketing Strategy, whether it’s Pinterest, Facebook or Instagram. Social Media Optimization is important to maximize ROI, reduce content shock and optimize the relationship with your public.

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