Video marketing :The latest trends and information for 2024

Marketers are more confident about the return on investment of videos than they have ever been. Video marketing can help them be successful when it comes down to KPIs like getting leads, traffic, and sales.

A video-first method: Businesses are increasingly adopting a first-time video approach. Video is an essential element of their marketing strategies. TikTok is a platform that focuses on video and its popularity has led to other platforms focusing more on short-form video. Instagram Reels, as well as Facebook Reels are also short-form videos.

The most popular videos on YouTube: Top trending videos include explainer videos as well as social media videos and videos with testimonials. A lot of people watch explainer videos to gain more information about a product, and these can influence them to purchase purchases.

Screencast tutorials videos, FAQ videos, story of the customer videos educational video blogs, along with product-related videos are just a few other video types that are popular. Video uploads increase as people create content on a daily basis.

Video content in short-form: TikTok was the most popular social media platform (until Threads came in) with more than one billion monthly users. Gen Z adopted TikTok and make up a significant portion of the users on the platform. They appreciate authenticity and are more likely to be supportive of small businesses that speak their language and encourage communities. TikTok is gaining popularity among other groups of people. There are numerous positive stories of how businesses who use TikTok see expansion. Some notable names include Pepsi, DoorDash, Chipotle and Apple sell their products through TikTok since they are able to sell to a younger target audience.

Small businesses are thriving through the platform. The California-based candy company Ya Boy Chamoy started as an interest but grew after their videos went popular on TikTok. The company has more than one million followers. The company makes and sells confectionary that is soaked in the secret Mexican Chamoy sauce.

Gymshark is a different company that applies what’s trending across TikTok to their marketing campaigns. They work with content creators, and utilize popular hashtags, as well as challenges.

Through investigating TikTok and identifying trends that are popular and discovering ways to integrate them with relatable videos, companies can produce genuine and credible content. The popularity of videos on TikTok makes it stand out. Even small-scale accounts can attract millions of viewers by a good video.

Live streaming streaming is expected to become among the most well-known trending video-based marketing techniques through 2023. The majority of consumers have a variety of live streaming applications installed on their smartphones. Shoppable videos offer buyers an experience that is interactive. You can buy a product immediately by clicking a button that says ‘buy now’ while watching influencers’ live stream reviews of products.

Video ads: Businesses use video advertisements to increase engagement on websites as well as in email marketing campaigns. Advertisements are shown either pre-roll, mid-roll, or after-roll in the player for video. TikTok is an advertising system that allows brands to design hashtags with their own branding as well as create video effects and also run ads in feeds.

Engaging a viewer through video: The power of storytelling through video

It is the art of telling stories that play a significant part in the recognition of brands. Brand storytelling involves creating the plot of a story to create an emotional connection between a brand and its targeted audience. As per Harvard Business Review, emotional connections can help drive brand loyalty.

Brand storytelling outlines the background and mission, the purpose and the principles of a brand in the framework of a narrative. This helps make them more real. Research shows that people are more likely to retain videos when they are presented in narrative form, rather than statistics and data.

Corporate story videos and testimonials from customers businesses can make corporate story videos that evoke emotions, build trust and attract the attention of people. Social Proof is an effective way to attract new customers. Engaging customers who are satisfied to provide videos of their experiences will make them more personal. Squarespace utilizes Create Your own space customer videos with huge success.

video roadmap The idea isn’t enough just to just create some videos and then expect success. Making an effective video roadmap is crucial. The video map is an image representation of a complete video marketing plan. Without a roadmap for video, dates, priority, what kinds of videos to make on what platforms, etc. it’s easy to fall off the track.

The correct visual elements A compelling story can make an image more relatable, but the brands have to .choose the appropriate visual elements that will help it succeed. Beautiful images, animations graphics, overlays, sound effects and more. are able to draw viewers in. The branding of videos is crucial to create an experience that lasts.

CTAs calls-to-action boost conversion on videos. We offers users the chance to make fully-customizable CTAs for videos. Making pre-roll or post-roll CTAs that include custom links require a few steps. A CTA could take a variety of forms and designs to improve registrations, demos, and sales.

Optimizing video content for different platforms: Getting more people to watch it.

Companies that do not organize the video they create and make it optimized to be compatible with multiple platforms aren’t taking advantage of. They need to develop diverse video formats/specs in order to reach larger audiences across different platforms. The demographic composition of the users on each platform differs. Brands should be able to vary the tone, message and formats for various types of users and platforms.

The optimal length for video:Videos for use on social media are the most commonly produced type of video currently. On YouTube longer-form video clips work better than shorter-form ones. Short-form videos, as mentioned earlier, are extremely effective on platforms such as TikTok as well as Instagram.

Instagram Reels as well as Facebook Reels offer a new method of creating videos that are short and entertaining. Users can make and edit 15-second videos. They can also add audio, special effects and music, and make use of various innovative tools. The short videos will help showcase the personality of a brand.

Subtitles with closed captions These video features increase the accessibility of video. They let viewers engage even when they’re unable to listen to the audio.

Vertical and autoplay videos Autoplay feature and vertical videos could be beneficial for mobile platforms like Instagram or TikTok. Videos begin playing automatically as users browse across their feeds. Vertical videos offer more experience for mobile users to view.

Quality display Video quality that is poor can undermine the credibility of a brand and impede the brand’s message. Utilizing the Content delivery networks (CDN) such as that found on , ensures that every user get high-quality videos. A vast network of servers can serve content from the closest server to the viewer.

Consistent branding messages:Cross-channel marketing may require changing videos to work with different platforms and channels, but brands need to ensure that users get the same brand experience.

Utilizing a video hosting service such as we  can assist brands make their videos more suitable for different platforms and boost engagement. Viewers are guaranteed to receive high-quality video content that adjusts effortlessly to the screen size of their device. They can even add their brand’s logo and colors on video players to customize the experience of watching.

The ability to embed videos on various websites allows companies to guide customers through the funnel of marketing and increase conversions through the appropriate video at the appropriate time and in the appropriate location. Fun and entertaining short videos on TikTok can attract new customers. Tutorials on YouTube might convince customers to purchase.


Marketing via video is by far the most effective method of marketing digitally, and it will be the case in 2023 as well as beyond. It’s easy to access, has inherent value and is easily shared. The personalization of video content can make a an effect on an audience. For more info, follow the digital keys , digital marketing agency in rohini

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