The Future of Digital Marketing: Emerging Trends and Technologies

1. Cookies and privacy

To enhance privacy on the internet, Google is tasked to remove cookies from third parties from its sites, and Firefox and Safari can no longer support them. This change is likely to affect the way that your on-site ads and banner ads appear. Websites will not be able to use tracking cookies to create advertisements.

Fortunately, Google and other platforms are working on new algorithms to allow Google ads on the internet and improve privacy. Cookies won’t be officially removed until 2023. You can modify your online ads by using keywords and advertisements on websites that offer an appropriate background for your promotions.

2. Voice SEO

Digital assistants are currently trending, and many of your clients use them to simplify their lives. Features such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s digital assistant allow users to search the web without using their phones. In 2021, 20% of web searches would be conducted using voice.

In the coming year, consider the best way to optimize your search engine (SEO) for voice searches. Consider the conversational phrases users might use to find your business through the virtual assistant. On the web, one could enter “Italian restaurants in Chicago” when they are using voice search. They could ask, “What’s a good Italian restaurant in Chicago?”

3. In-feed shopping

If you own an online business, you’re familiar with the shoppable posts on social networks. You can now also connect your Facebook and Instagram profiles to your online catalog and allow users to click on the seats in their feeds to purchase items.

Google Ads offers another in-feed shopping tool with shopping campaigns. These ads are connected to your catalog of products and appear as shoppable pictures. Please make your ad, then specify the keywords people could use to locate it. Set your parameters, including your geographic area and an inventory number. Google may remove your ad after you’ve sold the product.

4. Push notifications

Use the tool to remind customers about upcoming appointments, send instant digital receipts, and promote forthcoming sales.

An estimated 7.1 billion people used mobile devices in 2021. Therefore, it’s a safe bet that most clients use smartphones. Push notifications allow you to connect with your customers via their smartphones.

By using push notifications, you can make customized messages on the device’s mobile or as messages displayed on the home screen or SMS messages on the text feed.

Learn to use push notifications that engage your clients and direct them to your website.

5. Marketing via SMS

Digital marketing trends include direct communication with clients through text messages. Along with push notifications and marketing emails, you can also use texts to interact with your clients. This tool allows you to send readers directly to your clients after they have opted-in.

The most common uses for Marketing via SMS include coupons, promotions, and personalization of messages. Keep your messages brief and ensure your customers can opt out.

6. Marketing via video

The average user watches online videos for approximately 100 minutes per day. Video watching is among the most popular things to do on Facebook. You can take advantage of this market by making videos for ads. There are several methods to approach this. You can set up your own YouTube and a Vimeo channel and use videos to teach and connect with your viewers.

Creating Tick T well-designed business videos and social media content can also engage your target audience. Share your videos with the most popular hashtags that help people locate them. If you don’t want to produce your videos regularly, You can use “over-the-top” (OTT) advertisements. Make ads that range from between 10 and 15 seconds in length that you can overlay over other videos.

7. Email marketing/segmentation

Privacy is the top priority for both internet users and providers alike. Make sure to show the same respect to those on your list of email addresses. If you’re using email marketing, segment your list and send customized emails to various groups.

By doing this, you’ll be able to increase the value of each subscriber to your list. Be careful with your marketing email campaign and ensure your subscribers can opt out quickly—your index to unsubscribe.

8. Interactive content

People love engaging with brands via social media and other channels. Interactive content lets you interact with your followers in real time.

Features such as Instagram Live or Facebook Live let people talk to you as you record your video. Utilize this tool to interact with your audience. You can organize the “ask me anything” live event or a Q&A with your customers about a particular product. The event should be promoted for a couple of weeks to increase participation. Make sure you are aware of your streaming configuration for a successful event.

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