The 5 Rules of Social Media Optimization 

We discussed everything else besides digital marketing. After returning home, I came across an interesting blog about the topic. I soon discovered that he was the one who introduced the concept of Social Media Optimization. It’s a small world.

Originally,The Digital Keys described Social Media Optimization as

This is a process that optimizes your blog/site to make it more visible on social media sites and searches, and for it to be discussed more often online through blogs and other social media.

According to this definition, Social Media Optimization has similar functionality to Search Engine Optimization. You might wonder how important it is for your business. It’s understandable that you are concerned, as we don’t know if people use Social Media to research a product or service. SEO is more effective in this case based on Google’s over 3 billion searches (I heard a Google executive mention this number, don’t tell anyone).

Social shopping has changed the game. Why? Brands will provide incentives for consumers to buy products via social media by engaging in engagement-driven communications.

It is a win for both brands and consumers, as the relevant products are available to purchase. This purchase can also be shared with other members of the consumer’s network.

Why is Social Media optimization important for your business? The rules of optimization online have changed, and we now must consider social media a viable platform for e-commerce just like Search Engine Optimization. We must follow these rules as business leaders.

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Social Media Optimization: 5 Rules to Follow

1. Create Shareable Content

Creating shareable content is synonymous with creating content worth talking about. This is a fundamental practice within Social Media communications and is the main reason why this medium is “social”.

You will naturally increase your chances of content sharing if you make the process easy for consumers.

2. Share Easy

If you’re an avid blog reader you’ll notice social share buttons on every article you read. It has become commonplace for most blogs and websites. Ultimately, sharing becomes easier once you have the right tools in place. Similar to this blog, utilize share widgets to increase shares and encourage sharing by asking consumers to share your content.

Tools: AddThis; ShareThis and shareButtons

3. Reward Engagement

Rewarding consumers for social media engagement is easy. The difficult part is rewarding them with an incentive that provides deeper engagement that simultaneously connects consumers with the brand and increases the reach of your social content.

This social media fan appreciation contest is an interesting case study. The social media contest offered users the chance to win merchandise and game day experiences by engaging with their social media accounts.

4. Share content in a proactive way

This involves sharing more than just your owned content. This can include content syndication of articles, videos, and images on your owned media (i.e. your blog) as well as other social media platforms.

5. Encourage the “Mashup”.

Encouraging users to remix your content can be an effective  brand strategy.

Final Thoughts

Do you think SMO is like SEO? The most important distinction is that with SMO, your presence can be in multiple places without being harmful to your SEO efforts. Particularly, it’s good advice to have one single website that you point to instead of having multiple sites.

This will increase traffic to your own outlets (e.g., blog or website). Your blog or website). You can still benefit from SMO because you have multiple platforms to direct traffic. All of this happens under the brand umbrella.
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