Measuring Marketing ROI: Key Metrics and Analytics Tools

What are tools to measure ROI for marketing?

ROI tools are a essential tool for anyone committed to tracking and monitoring the effectiveness of marketing.

In essence, ROI tools allow you to identify which campaigns and marketing channels are most effective in influencing revenue and sales.

They let you see your digital ROI and monitor how your marketing impacts your sales and transactions.

In the absence of ROI-related tools you’re not able to know which channels are responsible for the most value.

There is a risk of spending your money for campaigns that aren’t performing or, worse yet do not provide any worth in the first place.

What is the reason it is important to monitor the return on investment on your campaign?

Monitoring the ROI is crucial regardless of how large or small you may be.

The ultimate goal of almost every marketer is to grow the revenue of their business and gain new customers.

and ROI is an important indicator of whether your marketing strategy is helping increase profits for your company.

For quite a while, marketers have been focusing in lead conversion measures to determine the their success.

According to an study , the majority of marketers utilize leads to gauge the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

Sincere, we shouldn’t be blaming them.

We all love leads we all love leads and making conversions.

It’s part of our DNA as marketers.

Similar to clicks, leads do not guarantee earnings.

However, by focusing on the sales results from your marketing strategies, you’ll be able to quickly identify which strategies have made the most effect on your company and optimize your performance to increase sales faster.

What should you look for what to look for ROI monitoring tools?

With all the tools available to pick from How do you choose what’s the best option?

It is crucial to understand the particular needs of your business prior to making any major commitments or investment. Below, we’ve provided some of the factors you should consider to assist you in making the right choice.

  • Usability First thing that you need to be looking to find within the ROI tool is the usability. It’s likely that they’ll be the subject of curiosity from employees. They’ll need to know what their actions are impacting the revenue. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to consider an easy-to-use tool that lets employees to share, access, and retrieve information.
  • Complete customer tracking When you turn leads into customers by using the traditional method of communicating such as telephones it is important to ensure that the software you select will seamlessly integrate your offline and online touchpoints.
  • Integrators: Ideally, you require a tool to connect to your existing Martech stack. Incorporating other tools can give you a better understanding of the customer journey. It is easy to identify those touchpoints with the most influence upon ROI and make better choices about where to allocate your money.
  • Prices:While most analytics tools are plan-based, a few have hidden charges. It’s not uncommon for service providers to charge fees for integrations, additional usage and for additional accounts. Be aware of any additional costs since it can become expensive quickly.

If you’ve figured out what to look for, let’s look at some tools that can assist you in measuring and tracking the return on investment from your marketing.

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The most effective ROI strategies for digital marketers

Being a revenue-focused marketer is easier than you imagine. With the proper tools in your arsenal and a streamlined sales and marketing processes to determine your ROI on marketing more precisely.

  • Ruler Analytics
  • Cyfe
  • Google Analytics
  • Kissmetrics
  • Planful

Ruler Analytics

To determine how your marketing can contribute to revenue, you’ll need an instrument that is able to record every interaction during a customer’s journey, and assign closed revenues to your impacting marketing strategies, channels Keywords, and other.

What you require is Ruler Analytics.

By using Ruler Analytics, you will be able to quickly determine the sources of leads, track how they progress through the process and monitor the extent to which they are converted to revenue. It also predicts when where further expenditures will not bring a high ROI, and provides suggestions on the best way to better allocate your budget.


Cyfe provides a complete business dashboard that uses real-time information.

It seamlessly integrates with a wide range of applications, including Salesforce, Google Ads, Xero, Quickbooks, and numerous others to provide the complete picture of the performance of your business.

The primary advantages of Cyfe is its pre-built widgets, as well as its reporting capabilities. You can easily create and customize dashboards that measure and track the return on investment from every marketing channel and campaign.

Google Analytics 

If you’re selling goods or have an online shopping cart on your site, Google Analytics is the best method to start with revenue tracking.

It’s totally free and provides a wealth of data on how your site. Just a little code inside your shopping cart and you’ll be able to track the marketing strategies that result in the highest sales.

But, what happens if you don’t offer any products however, you use your site to create leads whether offline or online?

One alternative is one option is to give monetary value towards your targets. Within Google Analytics, you can assign monetary value to your goals. They appear in your acquisition report each time you complete a goal.

It may sound appealing in the abstract. However, as any experienced marketer understands every lead or conversion is worth the same amount. In the case of monitoring leads you should avoid goal-based values within Google Analytics.

You’ll be much better off using the Ruler tool and importing information about revenue automatically. By doing this, you’ll get an improved understanding of your ROI from marketing and allow you to optimize to get the best results.


Kissmetrics is a different tool that identifies your most profitable channels for revenue.

With the Kissmetrics report on revenue it is possible to show the amount of money you’ve earned through marketing, the source of your revenues are coming from, and which programs have the most value over time or have the lowest turnover.

Kissmetrics has a lot of similarities with Google Analytics as it allows users to track parameters like bounce rate, page views and the time spent on a website.

Wrap Up : 

All the above mentioned ROI tools are very significant and helpful aiding in SEO to all of us.  They help in tracking and monitoring the effectiveness of marketing. If we get to know how to use these all then we can do a deep assessment of our competitor website and our website as well. It gives us better results .

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