Combining SEO and SMM: Synergizing Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Leads gathered by SEO have a higher likelihood of being eightfold more likely to be converted into paying customers than leads produced by traditional ads.

It’s not a secret that SEO is a vital element of your marketing strategies however, the combination of SEO and social media can be much more profitable. The trick is to implement the correct strategies to boost your reach and get your fans to share and read your posts.

If you’re still figuring out how SEO is working or you’d like more tips and tricks this is what you have to know about social media effectively and efficiently marketing your company online.

1. Hyperlink to Internal Pages and Articles

If you’re looking for an easy and efficient method to link to your accounts on social media with your website linking is the best method to follow. Link to the pages that are relevant to your website, like the contact page, pages for service, and blog posts that you have posted, and then share the content on your social media profiles.

But, not every piece of content is made equal. It is not advisable to publish any content on your site. When you’re marketing your company online, you need to publish relevant and valuable content that connects with your customers and shows how professional you are as a company.

The algorithms of search engines can discern the importance of content as well as the user’s intent. Be aware of this when writing articles and other content.

2. Make Sharing Easy

Your content on social media must be simple to share so that your fans are able to spread the word. You won’t be able to effectively connect with a larger audience without taking into consideration the many ways that your followers will be compelled to forward your content to friends and relatives.

Be sure to add Social share icons on your site. While a lot of users share content via email It’s always a good idea to offer a variety of choices. The easier your method easier for people to share your content, the more likely they will be able to share your content.

3. Use Effective CTAs

Call to Action (CTA) is an important component of marketing. It guides your viewers and urges readers to take a step. It is essential to incorporate calls to action in your blog posts to encourage your readers to take action for the benefit of your company (and the readers).

Some examples for CTAs could include “Subscribe to our newsletter,” “Contact us,” “Shop our selection,” etc. Effective calls to action can increase leads and boost sales.

What is an excellent CTA?

Begin with a clear command word. Be concise and clear such as “order” or “shop.”

If you’re selling goods or services, make use of words that inspire emotions or enthusiasm. For instance, you could use phrases like “plan your dream home today” or “subscribe now and get 10% off.”

Then, provide your audience with an incentive to take the specific action. What are they getting by getting in touch with you or signing up? One way to grab your attention is to give them the value.

4. Post on Multiple Platforms

This is a straightforward trick that makes a significant impact. It is a great way to increase the reach of your posts by posting on multiple social media platforms because you’re reaching all your followers, not just a small subset.

If you’re a business with accounts for both Twitter and Facebook Make sure to make sure you post on both platforms to announce your latest content. Your followers may not all will be all over every social media platform in the end.

TikTok For instance, boasts the most Gen Z users than Instagram and Facebook. If you just post on one platform, you’ll be missing the majority of your audience.

5. Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Many business owners don’t enhance the social profiles of their businesses. This is a huge mistake as your profile is like a business card you’re handing out to potential clients and customers.

It’s not a guarantee that the content you share will be doing all the talk for your brand. People who don’t know about your brand are likely to land at your profile to discover more about your brand.

If you are able to capture their attention, they may follow your profile. However, you could be a loser if you don’t optimize your profile.

Choose a professional, clear profile photo. Check to see if it’s a good fit and isn’t blurry.

Create the perfect bio using concise and clear text that is reflective of your company’s image. This is an ideal spot to include a slogan or to highlight your mission or values.

Keywords and SEO are a major part of bios on social media as well. Incorporate relevant keywords wherever you can. Do keyword research to determine which keywords you are ranked for and which you can include.

Other metrics worth keeping in mind are the return on ad spending (ROAS) as well as the cost-per-click average (CPC) in your pay-per-click ads.

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