Can brands outdo Instagram’s algorithm? Instagram algorithm?

Here’s the information you must be aware of. It’s time. Let’s discuss what’s going on with the Instagram algorithm. Yes, we’re aware. The word “algorithm” can make the chills run through the spine of every digital marketer because platforms are constantly. changing. it. over. and. over. again. Instagram is the most frequent culprit in this regard It’s no secret that those who work there are often experimenting with new features that cause marketers to frequently think about their strategies and methods.

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Before we get started Let’s rewind and discuss ways that it has changed over time. The Instagram algorithm has evolved over time – the first major change was the transition from a chronological feed to one that highlighted the ‘things you’re most interested in’. A lot of people were shocked by this, however many users embraced the decision to prioritize friends and family members over other’s content with full enthusiasm.

As things changed on social media (read: Reddit threads) was playing a game of how much of the posts were shown in feeds for users and if ‘ save’ was an alternative to ‘like’ and much more.

By 2021 the system changed to calculate an amalgamation of the level of engagement with users, the regularity in posting, use of new features, such as Reels and popular content to help push specific accounts further. The ever-changing algorithm raises the big question: can you truly beat it? Particularly if you’re a company and Instagram is famous for its tendency to promote personal content. That is individuals who are the creators?

Its answer is yes, but we aren’t able to give you an exact timeframe. The majority is luck, but most of it is reliable, pertinent and top-quality content. However, we provide some suggestions to follow that you can incorporate into your plan to be prepared for the future in relation to algorithm changes. You should also ensure that the content you publish is at the very least placed in the highly sought-after Explore webpage by an algorithm Gods.

Quality matters.

Great content is also high-quality. This is why you should use your top camera, use attractive images that are visually appealing and with colors that are distinct from other images, and install a few famous editing software such as Facetune or VSCO.

Let’s live stream and, if you’re lucky, you could see an influx of new followers to post about your event. Because they’re not planned heavily and aren’t planned out, they offer viewers an insight into the more human aspect of brand management and Instagram may even recommend your live stream to a user of an identical page!

Tell a story.

Literally or put up Instagram stories. A recent trend among users that we’ve noticed (and the numbers aren’t lying) is that users tend to be more inclined to tap through stories instead of scrolling through their feeds. It’s the best method of keeping your audience active, particularly since it comes with features that encourage engagement like stickers and swipe-up features.


They are essential and this is the one thing that hasn’t changed and we’re grateful for this. Hashtags are really are crucial, and they aid in attracting the right audience to your website’s content. When you are able to analyze and use your hashtags can bring a lot of new visitors on your page, increasing the number of visits to your page and the engagement numbers.

Save the file

Okay that’s a good thing, because those who believe in algorithms may not be lying when they claim saves were the new social media likes. Create useful and informative material that tells a tale, and the users will most likely save and share it with others, too.

In addition We also suggest posting during peak times and analyzing which content people like with new tools and formats, as well as connecting with influencers, and redirecting their followers to your website to improve your chances of being on Explore. Explore web pages in particular.

Rent The Runway is an excellent example of a company that was able to beat the Instagram algorithm. It’s interesting that, surprisingly they put the greatest time into their marketing strategy and not much time creating their content.

Wondering how?

They were focused on encouraging sharing of the content created by users!

According to, The team realized that the brand was able to save between 5 and 10 hours per week in content creation, and their engagement was up by 21 percent over their original content marketing. This is all, and having your followers become brand ambassadors for free! In the end, to conclude, it is all about planning and determining what is most effective for both you and your target audience. Although there is no guaranteed formula for beating the algorithms, however, you can be assured that integrating these suggestions into your strategy will definitely bring you toward the Explore page. And if you don’t, at the very least, the first blog post in the latest feed for users!

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